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About POTW

The mission.

1. To highlight great writing on personal blogs.

2. To draw attention to blogs that you might not have heard of before.

3. To point you to one absolute guaranteed humdinger of a blog post, once a week, every week.

How it works (in brief).

During the week, readers are invited to nominate their favourite blog posts.

At the end of the week, our editorial team creates a shortlist.

At the weekend, a team of judges – some staff, some guests – votes for their favourites.

On Sunday evening, the new Post Of The Week is announced.

The Rules (in full).

1. Nominating.

If you would like to make a nomination for Post of the Week, then please do so in the nominations box on the front page. This will be available from Mondays to Fridays only.
When nominating, please supply a link to the specific post wherever possible. If you can’t find this, then just give us the URL of the blog and the date of the post.

Although we’re mostly looking for great personal writing, there’s no restriction on subject matter. Variety is good.

Please feel free to nominate more than one post during the course of the week. (But don’t be greedy.)

While all nominations can be freely made, posts which belong to any of the following categories will not make it through to the shortlist:

  • Posts which are more than three weeks old.
  • Posts which have been nominated before.
  • Posts from the current winner.
  • Posts from members of the Hall of Fame (see Section 5 below).
  • Posts which you have written yourself.
  • Posts which have been written by members of the editorial team (see list below).
  • Posts from “invitation only” blogs, which can’t be generally viewed by everybody.
  • Audio posts, video posts, or purely photographic posts.

The deadline for nominations is midnight (UK time) on Friday nights, give or take an hour or two. Let’s not sweat the details.

2. Shortlisting.

The shortlist appears on Saturdays, somewhere around lunchtime (UK time).

This contains a selection of the best of the week’s nominated posts, as chosen by our editorial team.

The shortlist will never exceed a maximum of twelve posts.

3. Judging

Each week, a panel of judges is appointed. Some will be staff, and some will be guests, drawn from our readership.

If you want to be a guest judge, then see what’s involved and get in touch.

The results of the the judging are announced on Sunday evenings.

4. Winning.

A link to the winning post is displayed at the top of the site for seven days.

As soon as the winner is announced, nominations start again for the following week.

Links to all of the previous winning posts are permanently archived.

5. The Hall of Fame.

In order to keep things fresh, and to encourage the discovery of lesser known blogs, members of the Hall of Fame are no longer eligible for the weekly shortlists.

To qualify for the Hall of Fame, two conditions must both be satisfied:

Firstly, you must have been shortlisted on at least five occasions.
Secondly, you must have won Post of the Week on at least one occasion.

The editorial team.

Full team members:

Permanent judges:

From time to time, vacancies will occur for new members of the team. These will be announced on the site, and all are welcome to apply.

Disclaimers and copyright.

Post Of The Week is just for fun. We cannot stress this enough.

Our editorial team work independently from each other, and we arrive at our individual decisions without conferring. We are a disparate group of volunteers, not a closed clique of conspirators.

The site was mostly devised by British bloggers, and most of its editorial team are resident in the UK. So if you ever detect any sort of British bias in the selections, then that’s our excuse.

Copyright is retained by the original authors for anything submitted to or reproduced on this site.

If you would like your post removed from the site, then please notify us by leaving a comment, or by contacting one of our editorial team using the links listed above.